Support & Design Services

Binated's Support & Design Services are rendered in tandem with front-office operations to help you deliver unmatched customer experience. Our flexible model reduces risks and complexities while improving utility and lowering related costs. Our professionals manage the back office so business can focus on running and managing their business.

Sales Support

Strong selling objectives achieve 45–55% of the new business and 75–90% of repeat business. It charts an accurate blueprint for how to navigate complex sales and have a clear understanding of what the customer needs. Binated helps you chart out that blueprint with our critical to sales processes.

  • Product Research
  • Product & Supplier Identification
  • Product Availability
  • Supplier Specific Virtuals
  • Branded Sales Presentations
order processing

Order Management

To manage Sales achievement & convert the same into physical orders on a daily basis, we are the key link in communicating with sales team and vendors for order, inventory & shipping queries. Binated helps you and your team with various solutions that cover order capturing, order status management, payment terms, shipping method setup and many more.

  • Sales and Purchase Order Entry
  • Production ready Decorations
  • Customer Proofs & Approvals
  • PO Release with Production ready Decoration to Supplier
  • Supplier Proof verification & Approvals
  • Supplier & Vendor Management
  • Order Fullfillment

Accounting & CRM

Maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction is essential for your business. Binated has you covered with support services from the moment the product ships through the end of its service life in the field. We will work with you to craft a post-sales solution directly for your end users or to complement your channel.

  • Invoice Vouching
  • Generating Bill Reciepts
  • Lead generation & Capture
  • Database Management
  • Account Management
  • MIS Reports
order processing

Graphic Design Services

Binated is one of the largest design houses with 400+ graphic designers who are ready to take on any volume of work with the quickest delivery. Binated is known amongst our customers for processing large volumes of designs daily using the right technology solutions to optimize the workflow and reduce human intervention.

  • Vector Art
  • Embroidery Digitizing
  • Digital & Print Marketing Collateral